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Monday, October 8, 2018

Tribute to all military men all over the world - by Comr. Ozioma Oguine

It is with deep sense of thanks and gratitude that I Comr. Ozioma Oguine dedicate this poem to all Military and Uniform men all over the world. 



We Both  left home at 18
You cleared JAMB
I got recommended.
I got Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA). 
You pursued your degree,
I had the toughest training.
Your day started at 7 and ended at 5,
Mine started at 4 till 9 and
Some nights also included.
You had your convocation ceremony,
I had my Passing Out Parade
Best company took you and
Best package was awarded,
I was ordered to join my platoon
With 2 stars piped on my shoulders.
You got a job,
I got a way of life.
Every eve you got to see your family,
I just wished i got to see my parents soon.
You celebrated festivals with lights and music,
I celebrated with my comrade in bunkers.
We both married,
Your wife got to see you everyday,
My wife just wished i was alive.
You were sent to business trips,
I was sent on line of control.
We both returned,
Both wives couldn't control their tears, but
You wiped her but,
I couldn't.
You hugged her but,
I couldn't.
Because I was lying in the coffin,
With medals on my chest and,
Coffin wrapped with tricolour.
My way of life ended,
Yours continued.
We both left home at 18.

I dedicate this to every soldier and uniform person out there But those who have fallen in the service and those still with us, we may not understand what you do and the sacrifices you make, but know that we are eternally grateful!.....


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