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Thursday, December 20, 2018

'Atiku is Desperate' - Lai Mohammed tells Nigerians

The Federal Government yesterday described a statement credited to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar that killing of innocent Nigerians will stop if he wins the 2019 presidential election as “an act of desperation. 

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed who stated this during a press conference on government position on national issues in Abuja said Nigerians need to be careful when commenting on issue of national concern not to over tilt the balance.

According to him, ‘’We need to be careful when commenting on insurgency, not to over tilt the balance. On the issue of if he wins killings will stop, amounts to politicisation of a very serious issue and a very cheap politicking.

‘’If it is true that he said so, it is an act of desperation. His campaign has failed and to gain traction he want to say anything to stay afloat. 

The minister further stated that Atiku is desperate “due to his floundering campaign’’.

He, however, admonished the former Vice President to stop bad politicking and politicising killings of innocent Nigerians.

“It is clear to all Nigerians that the electioneering campaign of the PDP presidential candidate has failed to gain traction.

“From Sokoto to Ilorin to Ibadan to Gombe, it has been a disastrous outing for the campaign. With that magnitude of failure, anyone can say anything to stay afloat,’’ he said.

Commenting on the manner the nation’s opposition party members behaved on Wednesday at the National Assembly when President Muhammadu Buhari was presenting the budget, he said that the action of the PDP members showed that APC is the majority in the National Assembly.

The minister said the plan by the opposition was to embarrass the President and prevent him from presenting the budget “but they were comprehensively overwhelmed by our lawmakers who are in the majority”.

“That also sends a clear signal to the opposition that they lack the number to override the President’s decision not to accent to the Electoral Bill. I must also note that all through the sniping by some unruly lawmakers, the President remained dignified and presidential. He rose above it all to make his presentation of the budget,” he added.

On the President’s refusal to sign the electoral law, he said that President Buhari knows what is right for the nation and would not do otherwise.

According to him, ‘’The question Nigerians should ask is, what is wrong with the electoral law used in 2015, which was adjudge to be free and fair? What has changed? And bear it in mind that it was passed by an opposition controlled National Assembly.

‘’President Buhari has said that signing this will cause uncertainty. What troubles me is so much noise. So my question is, is there something we don’t know about this bill, all I can say is, the whole brouhaha is to cause unnecessary distraction and a potential alibi that the opposition is in disarray.”

Also reacting to the allegation of clampdown on civil society with the re-arrest and detention of Deji Adeyanju he said: “There is no clampdown on any civil society, except in the wild imagination of naysayers. As I have said, being in opposition is no licence to break the law and then hope to escape justice.’’

He said, “If the Police have re-arrested Adeyanju, they must have a compelling reason to do so. Anyone who breaks the law must face justice.”

Mohammed said that the alleged fear that the security agencies might be partisan during the 2019 polls was unfounded.

“The opposition is only crying wolf where there is none, and in view of what they did during their 16 years in power. They never really won a free and fair election. Their strategy was to use the security agencies to thwart the wishes of voters.

“They did it in Ekiti and Osun in 2014. I was a victim in Osun, so I know what I am saying. But ‘the guilty are always afraid.’ They think what they have done to others is what will be done to them,’’ he said.

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