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Thursday, January 17, 2019

'Amina Zakari and the I don't care Syndrome' : A Reply by Comr. Muhammed Adoke

Few hours ago, I had read up a piece written by Sunny Ikhioya on Vanguard Newspaper. His analysis, dented towards his understandable emotion, appeared to make sense. However, in the piece lies series of errors, misinformation, vilification and a ignorance to certain exigencies surrounding Hajiya Amina Zakari's New position at INEC.

Upon the lamentations on 'I don't care' attitudes being portrayed by INEC on the yearnings from some quarters; behold, you need not expect anyone to care when your argument is not logical. 

No one should care about the emotions of people whose arguments are clouded with frivolous excuses, sentiments, hate, fears of the unknown, ad infinitum! 

As a Civil Society Agent, I remember vividly that in the most recent consultative meeting held between INEC and Civil Society Organizations on January 8th, 2019, a question was thrown at the INEC Chairman in respect to the status of Amina Zakari's current appointment. Prof. Mahmood Yakubu did explained that he, as the INEC Chairman, is the 'Head' of of the Committee in charge of the Presidential Collation Centre. And, that Madam Amina Zakari is only to oversee the facilities at the Collation centre. 

Facilities! These includes, but not limited to, Venue, Maintenance, Supply of necessary materials and resources at the Collation centre, among other things. Hence, our qualms ought to have been whether she's qualified for that position or not. Of course, she is! If we would accept the above explanations as evident, then, why the unnecessary fuss? 

The problem with Nigeria does not only lie in the fact that our leaders have chosen to lead us astray. No, it doesn't end there. The problem with our beloved countrymen and women is that we seem to make things appear in our own lens only, not minding whether we're shortsighted or not! 

That Amina Zakari once had the privilege of working at the defunct PTF is not a yardstick for the uncouth vilification of her. It is said that when destiny wraps up a man, he has no hands in shaping it. So, is her case. Amina Zakari is a woman who has served the country in various capacities. 

She has beaten all odds to get to the top in a society that doesn't encourage the rise of women to the peak. Indeed, she should be celebrated as a devoted woman who has given her best to the Nation rather than the ongoing baseless attacks for cheap political gains. If this trend is not checked, it would inadvertently send negative signals to millions of Nigerian women who aspires to sacrifice their all for the country. 

Going further, the writer of that piece also mentioned a possible blood ties between Amina Zakari and a particular Presidential aspirant. That, is indeed laughable. When has 'inter marriage' become a form of blood relationship? Perhaps, that may be in a planet other than earth!

If we as writers and journalists alike continue to sell our consciences for the paymaster's cheque, then, we should be assured that we are not only celebrating ideological mediocrity but also creating avenues for the denigration of the field of Journalism, a harm much worse than the effect of Fake News. 

To crown it all, should some politicians have the rare time to continue to flogging a dead horse instead of working harder on the field to convincing Nigerians on why they should be voted, then, they might as well find time to discuss why Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are both key players in President Donald Trump's administration! May the sun rise tomorrow... 

Comrade Muhammed Adoke_ is a social commentator and activist who writes from Abuja. He is the author of the novel, 'MY JOURNEY TO MOTHER IYA'. He's also a Media Assistant at Northern Nigeria Initiative For Peace, Unity and Development (Northernnipudev).
Email: muhammedjamiuadoke@gmail.com

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