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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Story time: LOVE & PROFESSION (Episode 3 & 4) by Latimar

Episode 3 and 4

Karen called Natasha again to ask her for her exact location. Karen was directed to Hungry Lion restaurant and take away at the mall. At the restaurant, she located Natasha and three of their friends at a table having a hearty and great time together.
"so you girls threw me at a drunkard and here you are having fun right" Karen said with a grin.

"oh girl, how would i know he is a drunkard? He is actually a gentleman so it's difficult to detect his bad manners" Natasha tried to defend herself
"wait, wait, wait, what are you girls talking about. Should we run for our dear lives?" Esther, one of the ladies said in an amusing way which made the four ladies giggled.

A waiter attended to Karen. She ordered for grilled chicken and chips with a Nourisher.
The three ladies Karen met with Natasha were Esther, Margaret and Tamara. Among the five ladies, it was Karen that was the youngest and unmarried. Esther was married to a minister of state. Tamara was married to a bank manager. Margaret was married to a pilot and Natasha was married to a very renowned and successful writer. They were all married to men with good professions and would do anything to get Karen a man with a good profession too.
"Natasha and Karen, which of you is going to answer Esther's question?"  Tamara inquired.

"can you imagine girls. Natasha called to inform me about this engineer who wants to have a date with me. I was thrilled because I thought my dreams have finally come to pass"...
"wow, you mean Natasha hook you up with an engineer and you blew up the chance or what?"  interrupted her.
"Margaret, slow down. Let Karen finished what she has to say" Esther chastised
" I was saying, I thought this guy was my dream come true but when we went out this evening, the gentleman disgraced me terribly"
"Huh? What the hell did the dude do to you?" Natasha was too curious
"Natasha! I thought you silenced someone? Just keep mute and let's listen to her" Tamara added her voice.

"before I could say Latty! The guy had consumed Two bottles of wine. I mean alcoholic wine. He was so boozed that I am very sure he doesn't know where he is now. I am grateful to God for making him reveal his character"
"this is interesting. So how will he drive home. You were very heartless. You should have driven him home" Natasha said jokingly and they all giggled.

"Karen, don't think I intentionally gave you to the wrong guy. I was only trying to get you the best of man. You can't just date anyone oooo. Sorry anyways" Natasha said to Karen
"oh come on girl. What is there to apologize. I am ready for another match. Make sure he is not a drunkard next time. I am a busy person. It's only you guys that can help me get a good guy. I am in for the challenge" Karen said grinning
"good girl. You have to maintain the standard. Look at us here. We are all married to men with good profession. It's not always about the love dear. 

Don't let people deceive you. Marry someone who can build a good and respectful home with you and that person must be a lawyer, a journalist, a doctor etc. Your kids won't even relax in their education because they know mummy and daddy are professionals. Hope you get me" Tamara advised.
"girls, girls, girls, do you know I actually poured urine on a mechanic some years back?" Esther disclosed.
"you don't mean it! What did he do? Margaret inquired curiously. All the ladies gave their attention to Esther
"well this is how it happened. I didn't mean to do it but I had to. There was this auto mechanic who used to service my car for me when I graduated from the university. I was eyeing my husband who is a bank manager at Zanaco. He had not proposed by then but I was actually interested in him and was expecting his proposal. I visited the bank the least problem I had with my account. I did that just to see him. I one day visited the bank to tell him I can't remember my first bank account number.."

The girls blurted out in laughter. They actually forgot their environment.
"you mean to say.. You actually went to the bank to tell them you have forgotten the first digit of your bank account?" Tamara asked giggling.
"oh yeah. I sure did. In the pretence of seeing the bank manager" Esther replied. The ladies laughed their hearts out.

"you still haven't told us why you poured urine on the mechanic" Margaret interjected
"slow down Margaret. Actually whiles I was going about making sure the bank manager notices me, my mechanic approached me one day and was like 'I want to marry you' he actually said that to me..."

"you mean that common dirty mechanic I have been seeing at garages?" That guy named Joshua siyantobolo but the friends call him Spinx.Karen asked
"ask again ooo Karen. Those dirty mechanics. I wonder if they do bath after work... He kept disturbing my life until I decided to show him something small. I went to the shop one day having a two day urine in my boot. I called him to check my boot locker for mean because it was faulty. There was nothing wrong with it though. As he opened the boot, I quickly removed the urine from the boot and poured it in his face. These were my words to him
'next time, don't propose to a lady of a high status. Yours is the street vendors of Kawala market and city market, the beans sellers and sachet water sellers'
I entered my car and drove off. 

Till today, he has not crossed my path again. That was three years ago"
The ladies blurted out in laughter. It was a loud roar of laughter that made everyone at the hungry lion  restaurant turned their attention on them.
"Esther, you are genius. Next time, they won't take ladies for granted" Tamara praised.

Just then, a waiter walked to their table to plead with them to lower their voices.
"Mr waiter, I will give my friend to you. You are such a gentleman" Margaret said pointing at Karen.
"Mr waiter, get lost before I pour urine on you. You are just a common waiter. There is no hope for your life. I am a doctor by profession" Karen said and the ladies continued with their giggles. The waiter left their table a bit embarrassed.

The ladies had fun for sometime and left the restaurant. Since they all had their cars, they parted ways. Natasha dropped Karen at her home. Karen disclosed to her friend, the stress in the office. Doc Yande advised her to get a driver because stress can cause accident... I love this episode 

To be continued...
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  3. This story is just getting more interestinig..


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