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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Manifesto by Comr. Ozioma Oguine (ALUTA PARROT) University of Abuja SUG P.R.O aspirant





Before I start manifesting, I would like to give honour to whom honour is due.

My Sagacious salutations goes to:

The Vice Chancellor University of Abuja,
The DVC’s ,
The Dean of Students Affairs,
All lecturers, and Non Academic staff of this great Institution,
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen (My Comrades)


I emulate the politics of my ROLE MODELS which conform with that of the new generation of leaders all over the world that believes in using the experience they have gathered through the achievements in their personal endeavours for the benefit of larger society.

Basically, I believe in the politics of engagement, politics of issues, politics without bitterness and politics of objective criticism. For me, politics is essentially the vehicle for service to the people and a medium to impact society.

I am by name Comr. Ozioma Oz Oguine; Popularly and radically known as Aluta PARROT, a 400 level student of Computer Science. And I am aspiring to serve as the Public Relations Officer of our great Students Union.

A Public Relations Officer sometimes called the Director Of Publicity is a person that crafts public images, co-ordinates public events, contests and organises the publicity of a particular organisation. It is in the view of this, haven had the conviction to serve this prestigious university with a goal oriented intention that I present myself to you, and that through your votes and unflinching support, I shall have the legitimacy to serve.

It is said that the hallmark of a good leader is to leave a generation better than he met it.

If elected the PRO of our great Union, I shall abide by all rules and regulations as enshrined in the Unions constitution.

My aspiration for the office of the Public Relations Officer is not vision crippled rather it is heavily embedded with passion, confidence and hard work and as such if elected as the Student Union Government Public Relations Officer, I shall embark on the following students centered programs and projects.

SUG EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE: My office with the consent of the other cabinet members shall organise an SUG empowerment conference which is going to be the first of its kind in the history of the university at large. it is aimed at creating a platform for interaction and information sharing between students, the union and the school management, it shall feature speakers and paper presentation from resource personal from each faculty. The said conference shall enable students to be updated on the latest inventions and modus operandi of their various disciplines as well as create a robust relationship between them and their professional bodies


My office with the consent of the other members of the cabinet shall ensure an efficient management and monitoring of every publicity equipment/facilities that belongs to this great university thereby improving the means and media for information circulation.

CREATION OF AN ACTIVE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR THE UNION: We shall launch an official SUG Website; this will serve as a platform for the school management, students and the general public to get informations as regard the proceedings of the administration, students welfare and situation to foster and promote accessibility to the Union.

POLITICAL SENSITIZATION PROGRAMS: My office shall embark on political sensitization of our students to arouse their political consciousness and ensure their effective participation in students unionism in the university and as a panacea to building leadership qualities and opportunities in our students as they can explore such leadership traits in them. By doing so we shall have more SUG and NANS Representatives as well as other key student’s position in the university and beyond.

INFORMATION CIRCULATION AND GENERAL PUBLICITY: My office shall make information circulation and general publicity our priority; with this in place, we shall strive to achieve that which we have set out for ourselves to achieve. The law of concentration and consistency shall be our watch word why holding God to high esteem having availed ourselves to serve the common good of the people and this shall reflect in our policies, conduct and pursuit.

My brothers and sisters, I am aspiring for an office that gives me the privilege to tell the school management that we paid ICT dues and hence deserve free wifi’s and proper network infrastructure; an office that gives the capacity to remind the management that we paid our utility dues and therefore deserve proper physical, structural and social amenities.

Gentlemen and ladies without further vituperation, I, once again present to you, my humble self COMR. OZIOMA OZ OGUINE (ALUTA PARROT) to serve you in the capacity of the PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER while being your mouthpiece in the struggle to ensure sustainable growth of our Unionism.

If Someone ask you about me tell them:

I am a product of DILIGENCE,
CONFIDENCE runs in my blood,
ELOQUENCE flows in my Saliva,
I am not an accident of history,
I am Uniabuja’s Information Jagaban,
I am Aluta PARROT

Thank you very much, together we shall build an information driven Union.


Long Live SUG.

Long live University of Abuja.

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