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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Steps to check and update your Uniabuja Students email (Procedures)

Procedures to know your Uniabuja Student Email and How to Login

For those who still waiting for their department list so they view their own official email address from school.
This stuff is a format and a  coding system that is same for everyone. Also this email is not yet available to 100level students yet.

Its a combination of
1. Your surname
2. Follow by a dot (.)
3. Then your first name
4. Then your g
Year of entrance 
5. Then @  Uniabuja website which is (U

This are what constitute the official email address also called a *webmail*

Example 1
If a boy in 400L is year entrance 2015 and his name is John and his surname is Obi

his email will now be

Your surname is first, a dot, your own name, year of entrance, a dot, school website.

Example 2
A gal in 100L... Her year of entrance is 2018, her name is joy her surname is musa.

Her mail :

The everyone has a default password... And it's *user2019 or student2019*

You can change it...

Note..... Everything both email and password should be small letter.

So no need to wait for the list this knowledge will help you know you official email already from school and the password.


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