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Friday, September 6, 2019

NANS President 'Bamidele' declared Persona non grata by FCT Students over attack on Uniabuja President


Being the Text of a Press Release by the Leadership of the University of Abuja Students and NANS FCT Chapter.

Gentlemen of the press, members and friends of the University Community, Greatest Nigerian Students!

Let us start by stating categorically that the cheap blackmail and mischievous claim by the President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) one Mr Bamidele Danielson Akpan that the  Students' Union Government President of the University of Abuja, Comrade Suleiman Rabiu sabotaged the anti-xenophobia struggle by Nigerians is a pure base merchandise in vicious falsehood. Every fact about the University of Abuja Student activists' Community proves the contrary. Suffice it to say that Comrade Suleiman Rabiu (Aluta Standard) and indeed all the students of the University of Abuja stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Nigerians, including NANS in all anti-xenophobia efforts. 

The only offences allegedly committed by our SUG President were:

1. His refusal to release the University of Abuja Students for picketing of South African businesses in the face of violent protests by Shi’ites then. It is a decision which we proudly endorse, and owes no apology to anybody for our refusal to willfully jeopardize the safety of our colleagues.

2. That he attended a meeting in which he was duly invited at the South African High Commission. The meeting was to explore other means and options in dealing with the relationship issues between young South Africans and Nigerians. In the invitation, the President was told that other student and youth leaders will be in attendance, and indeed, they were. In the video which has now been circulated, he never at any point lowered the flag on anti-xenophobic efforts of Nigerians. He did not even indirectly impersonate the NANS President, speak for NANS or countered whatever efforts NANS made or claims to be making.

3. That he did not seek the permission of NANS President before going to the meeting. And to that, we must tell the world that the Uniabuja is purely a Confederate of NANS. Our President is not an appointee or steward of the NANS President and does not require his permission to attend any meeting.

We wish to state it categorically that the Students' Union Government of University of Abuja is beyond the SUG President, and therefore an assault on the SUG President is an assault on the entire students in University of Abuja and perhaps F.C.T. at large.

We watched on national televisions and circulating videos with total dismay the vicious attack on our SUG President, and we hereby condemn the attack in its totality. This ignoble attack on our SUG President and his entourage by NANS President, and his crew of thugs on 4th of September, 2019 has further subjected NANS to such an ignominy that no decent education Community would be willing to associate with. University of Abuja is therefore reviewing its relationship with the Bamidele Akpan-led NANS. 

By that display of savage hooliganism, the President of NANS has sadly displayed gross paucity of leadership dexterity and exhibited a monstrous tendency totally alien to any civil society. It is such a shame!

Consequently, we in the University of Abuja and NANS FCT Chapter unanimously and firmly demand for an unreserved public apology from the outgoing President of NANS, Mr Bamidele Danielson Akpan within the next 24 hours. The apology must be channeled through three (3) national dailies, Channels Television, Television Continental (TVC) and the official Facebook Page of the NANS President which are media that broadcast his criminal act of physical violence and attempt to commit murder.

And until this apology is tendered under the conditions listed above, Mr Bamidele Danielson Akpan, as President of NANS and even out of office is hereby declared a persona non grata to all the campuses and facilities of the University of Abuja and FCT at large. And by the gods of Aluta, so shall it be! In addition, we shall immediately, join forces with other progressives to force him out of office since his constitutional one-year tenure has elapsed since Mid-July.

Our reason for bothering about this is to urgently appeal to leaders, elders and stakeholders to ensure a national pre-convention and ultimately a convention to enthrone a student oriented leadership and as well hasten a possible return to cordiality between NANS and Uniabuja in case of a possible emergence of a civilised NANS President who is a true comrade.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen! 

The Students of University of Abuja
The Students Union Government COE, Zuba
Chairman NANS/JCC FCT Stakeholders
University of Abuja Alunmi

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