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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

NIGERIAN YOUTHS: True Embodiment of our democracy - By Comr. Ozioma Oguine

Democracy day (June 12th) is a day celebrated annually by Nigerians to mark our transition into true freedom and better governance. This day is more significant to the youths of this great nation because it reminds us all of the price paid and struggles fought by our founding fathers to take us to the promise land.

On the 31st day of March, 2018, a Bill on "Not Too Young to Rule" was passed by President Muhammadu Buhari which was supposed to be a great turning point in our democracy as it was to prepare and motivate youths all over the country to step up and lead our nation to greatness.

Democracy is supposed to be a ticket to freedom and an avenue to return power to the people but in Nigeria recently, the case seems to be different; the politics of today have reduced it to sentimental warfare, political and  selfish interests are the order of the day. This in the opinion of many is the reason for our backwardness and regression in measurement of development and capacity building at large. The tears, sweat and blood our founding fathers shed to bring us this far is no longer regarded. True patriotism gradually evaporates from the system as most of our present leaders  have caused the devaluation of our National Anthem and Pledge.

In light of this great day, i want to implore and appeal to the leaders of our great nation that it is never too late to retract our steps and set our nation on the right path.  I want to also suggest that as we reminisce on our democratic struggles we should not forget the part youths played in ensuring its possibility. Youths in Nigeria should be given opportunities, freedom, avenues and platforms to be able to contribute our own quota to the society. *The Youths of Nigeria are the true embodiment of our democracy* and as such should be taken seriously, encouraged and guided so as to broaden our scope and dimensions on true governance and leadership hence, making us suitable, vibrant and astute leaders of tomorrow.

Today we celebrate because of the dream, steps and actions taken by our great father (Chief M.K.O ABIOLA) to bring Nigeria to light and save us from impeding draconian military rule.  It is a sure sign that VICTORY COMETH THROUGH STRUGGLE. 


I want to use this opportunity to wish Nigeria and indeed Nigerians a happy and insightful Democracy Day.

God bless Nigeria!!
God bless our fatherland!!
God bless Nigerian Youths!!

Comr. Ozioma Collins Oguine
(Uniabuja's SUG P.R.O)

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