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Saturday, June 29, 2019

The Quest for An Equitable Society: A Call for Liberation By Hon. Francis Ebeshi

Human beings have always desired a life of tranquility, moral and economic balance in an equitable society, lived without the constraints posed by both internal and external factors. By this I mean a life lived satisfactorily through the attainment of basic human needs. Where this is absent, there is always a quest for and craving need to attend these values, hence the desire for liberation.

Consequent upon an imposing prevalence of biting social and economic situations and widening gap between the ‘very rich’ and the ‘very poor’, the escalation of poverty embellished with an amplification of violence, injustice, suffering and hunger in the society have necessitated this piece in the light of proposing it as an instrument for attaining equity and justice.

However, one must note that equity does not imply equality and vice versa, social stratification is a necessary ingredient of every society. 

In fact, just as God created humanity male and female, the implication is that opposites are necessary. This necessity is not to be understood in terms of skirmish scuffle and brawl conflict. For an equitable society to be realized, sacrifice, solidarity, and selflessness are imperative.

Accordingly, equitable and sustainable development that considers the basic necessities of life for all members of the society is highly needed; the goods of creation are intended by God to serve the needs of all ‘without excluding or favouring any one’. The practice of denying the greater number in the society of the basic means of livelihood in the midst of the earth’s bountiful gifts by a few, therefore is an aberration.

It totally contradicts the primordial plan of God. Earth’s riches is not a prerogative of a few, but belongs equitably to all.

The good of the earth ought to be a common patrimony of all. It is therefore an act of injustice to monopolize it for a few to exploit and often rescind and destroy it. 

The poor of the earth constitute a special test for the solidarity required for the liberation and equity in the world. 

Efforts aimed at developing the economy therefore ought not to lessen our sensitivity towards the underprivileged members of the human family.

Note as well that “not to share one’s wealth with the poor is to steal from them and take away their livelihood”. Lending a hand of solidarity to the poor in a bid to ameliorating their social maladroit is a necessary call for all.

Hon. Francis I. Ebeshi 
Member, Student’s Representatives Assembly, Student Union Government, University of Abuja.

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